Call for an immediate end to peat sales

There have been plenty of empty promises to protect the UK's precious peatlands but for over a decade, very little action has been taken.

Plans to finally ban the sale of peat products in England and Wales by 2024 were announced by the UK and Welsh Governments almost a year ago.

It's a step in the right direction, but there's no reason to wait. A ban can, and should, be introduced now. 

We want UK and Welsh Governments to immediately: 

💷 Implement a sales ban on peat and peat containing products in both the retail and professional markets – alternative measures such as point of sale charges or mandatory reporting are simply not enough
❌ Bring about an end to the extraction of peat from peatlands (this has already taken place in Wales)
🚢 Bring about an end to the importation of peat, which transfers emissions and damage to nature to other countries

You can help to make this happen! Use our simple form to share your opinions with the UK and Welsh Governments directly, and back our call for a ban. The public consultation closes on 18 March. 

It's not too late to protect and restore our peatlands and let them help us through the climate and nature crises. 

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