Three people studying outdoors

Young people are calling for the opportunity to learn in and about nature every day

Did you know many students spend less time outdoors than maximum security prisoners?

Young people know they deserve better. Across the UK they are calling for more opportunities to learn in and about nature. Your support can help make that happen.

Here are just some of ways pupils have told us they've benefitted from outdoor learning.

"I find going out in the natural environment relaxing. I feel happy to be with nature"

"Out here we can be ourselves and actually learn more" 

A number of schools are already taking lessons outdoors and seeing first-hand the positive effect it has on pupils and staff including:

 Boosting educational performance 
 Improving personal development 
 Boosting confidence and skills 
 Building environmental awareness 
 Improving physical and mental wellbeing 

That's why Our Bright Future believes learning in and about nature should be embedded across the curriculum, for all ages and throughout all subjects.

Help show policy makers that there is widespread public support for outdoor learning to become embedded in the education system. 

Add your name and support young people’s demand for more outdoor learning. 

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