UK Government - speed up badger & cattle vaccinations

Evidence shows the culling of badgers is ineffective in fighting bovine tuberculosis (bTB), an infectious disease that affects cattle. 

We need the UK Government to speed up its promised transition from badger culling to vaccination in England. 

Your MP can help ensure the Environment Secretary, Rt Hon George Eustice MP, understands the huge public demand there is to see the Government speed up its delivery on its promise for badgers. 

The main cause of bovine TB is cattle-to-cattle transmission. Badgers are not the main culprit, yet they are being culled in their thousands. 

Instead of badger culling, we want the Government to:

1. Develop and deliver a badger vaccination strategy

2. Roll out a cattle vaccine

3. Improve testing of cattle for bTB and limit the movement of cattle across the country

4. Ensure higher standards of biosecurity on farms to prevent the spread of bTB

Earlier this year, Defra launched a public consultation on its proposals to help eradicate bTB in England. More than 40,000 people responded to the consultation asking the Government not to grant any new intensive badger cull licenses, and instead prioritise vaccinations. But despite overwhelming public opposition to continuing the badger cull, the Government granted seven more licences this year. 

We want the Government to follow the scientific evidence, by prioritising vaccinations and ending culling. 

For the past decade, Wildlife Trusts have been undertaking badger vaccination programmes on our nature reserves and beyond, with more than 1,000 badgers vaccinated by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust alone!

But with 140,000 badgers already killed, and the possibility of that total reaching 200,000 by the end of the year, the Government needs to support badger vaccination on a much larger scale by developing and delivering a badger vaccination strategy. 

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