Save Tipner West from the 'super-peninsula' development

A staggering fifty football pitches worth of legally protected mudflats will be decimated by a 3,500 house development if proposed plans are approved by Portsmouth City Council.

Help us stop nature from being evicted from Tipner West. Every one can act now to save Portsmouth’s wild heart.

Tipner West mudflats are one of the last wild corners of Portsmouth Harbour. Covering over 27 hectares, it’s a vital habitat for endangered wading birds, fish and invertebrates. It is a precious carbon store, and is home to bacteria and algae that help to improve the water quality across Portsmouth’s estuaries and the wider Solent.

This special area already has the highest possible level of protection for wildlife. Allowing it to be drained, concreted over and built on will undermine wildlife laws and set a dangerous precedent for building over protected habitats across England.

If approved, nowhere in England will be safe for nature.

Earlier this year 24,000 people joined RSPB and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust in signing a petition telling Portsmouth City Council #DontGoThere, and to scrap plans for the 'super-peninsula'.

Portsmouth City Council has launched a public consultation on its draft Local Plan, including the damaging ‘super-peninsula' plans. The Local Plan will decide what gets built where in the local area over the next 15-20 years.

Once a development is included in a Local Plan, it makes it extremely difficult to challenge it later, as the council has committed to delivering the development.

We have until 31st October to respond to the consultation, and prevent the ‘super-peninsula’ development from being included in the Local Plan.

Answer the three questions in our template email to respond. The more detail you can give of your local experiences of Tipner West, the better, but you don’t have to live in Portsmouth to take part.

Reject nature's destruction, and support a wilder future for Tipner, that makes space for people and wildlife.