Peat-based products are costing the Earth.

In 2011 retailers were asked to stop selling peat-based products. They haven't.   

Our latest survey shows just one leading retailer is taking this seriously, with plans in place for this year. And a handful of other forward-looking growers are proving you don't need peat to have high quality compost and soil improvers. But that's it. 

Peat for compost is dug out of peatlands, which are very special (and incredibly wild!) habitats that also act as a carbon store, helping tackle climate change. 

If sales of peat-based materials like compost continue, peat extraction in the UK and imports of peat-based products from abroad will also continue. 

It's absolutely critical that peatlands remain intact and that damaged peatlands are restored, if we are to have any hope of combatting the interlinked climate and nature crises. 

The Government said that if voluntary targets were missed, it would step in with a ban. It's time. 

Please add your name to our message to the ministers responsible - you'll give a welcome boost to the alternatives out there too!