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Ask Senedd Election candidates: do they support a Green Recovery?

Ask your Senedd Election candidates to make a pledge

Welsh elections to the Senedd are fast approaching, and we're keen to ensure all candidates can demonstrate that they truly value wildlife and the environment.

One simple way for them to do this is by pledging to support important recommendations about the proposed 'Red Route', should they be elected. 

The proposed A55/A494/A548 'Red Route' will tear through the landscape of Flintshire, North Wales. If it is not stopped, this 13km dual carriageway will damage or destroy wildlife habitats such as ancient woodland, wildflower-rich meadows and old hedgerows, and will threaten species including bats, owls, badgers and great crested newts. After hearing evidence, the Welsh Government’s Petitions Committee has recommended that the Welsh Government pauses the Red Route’s development, and that it reconsiders its decision to build this new road.

We strongly support these recommendations. This road has no place in a wilder future, nor in the Green Recovery that's needed due to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

Do your election candidates agree?

Use our simple form to ask them to pledge to support the recommendations, should they be elected. 

More details about the pledge for candidates

We hope all Senedd election candidates will pledge to support the Petitions Committee’s recommendations.  Should they be elected, we intend to work with them to ensure the recommendations can be delivered. 

What's been happening? 

A petition to Stop the Red Route (A55/A494/A548 corridor) was submitted in June 2019 to the Welsh Parliament‘s Petitions Committee. The Committee considered evidence on the petition on six separate occasions between June 2019 and December 2020. Noting the current uncertainties as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Committee produced a report (Petition P-05-886 Stop the Red Route (A55/A494 corridor) that set out six recommendations to the Welsh Government: 

Recommendation 1. That detailed design work and further impact assessments in relation to the proposed scheme do not take place until the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on traffic patterns has been fully assessed. This evidence should be available for consideration as part of any public inquiry the proposed scheme is subject to.  

Recommendation 2. That the proposed scheme is assessed in accordance with the latest Welsh Transport Appraisal Guidance (2017) at the next stage of its development. 

Recommendation 3. That a detailed re-assessment of the costs associated with the scheme is undertaken and published. This should include accounting for any additional costs associated with related works such as those associated with the ‘Red Route Plus’ option and upgrades required to the Flintshire Bridge, including wind proofing. 

Recommendation 4. The Welsh Government should ensure that any road scheme which is implemented is part of a wider package of public transport improvements in the area and that schemes such as the North Wales Metro are delivered effectively. 

Recommendation 5. The Welsh Government must ensure that adequate consultation is undertaken with organisations including the Woodland Trust and Natural Resources Wales during the detailed design stage of the scheme to mitigate and minimise any impacts on areas of ancient woodland.  

Recommendation 6. Any public inquiry held following the publication of the draft Orders should be highly publicised and accessible to all residents in areas which may be affected by the route or construction of any new road.



This a non-partisan campaign which intends to encourage voters to find out where Senedd Election candidates stand on the proposed A55/A494/A548 Deeside Corridor 'Red Route’. 

North Wales Wildlife Trust

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North Wales Wildlife Trust is leading on this campaign on behalf of the five Wildlife Trusts in Wales. 

Sorry, this campaign is only available for people who can vote in the Welsh Senedd elections. Please instead join us in urging the Welsh Government to honour the Petitions Committee's recommendations and reconsider plans for the Red Route:

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