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The first Environment Bill in over 20 years is making its way through Parliament and will soon be debated by MPs.

This is our chance to address the nature and climate emergency in law - helping us to reverse the massive loss of nature and tackle climate change. But we think the Bill can do more to ensure government acts to help nature. 

The Wildlife Trusts are calling for a clear, legally binding target in the Bill to reverse the decline of species and habitats within a decade. By being the first country to set an ambitious target in law for the recovery of nature, we hope the UK will set an example which the rest of the world can follow.

Sir David Attenborough, President Emeritus of The Wildlife Trusts says: 
“We are facing a global extinction crisis which has implications for every one of us. It’s tempting to assume that the loss of wildlife and wild places is a problem that’s happening on the other side of the world."

Please ask your MP to make the time to attend the next stage of the Bill’s process and to make sure this Bill does everything it can to reverse nature's serious decline.

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Dear MP (your MP's name will be added here)

As you are my MP, I’m writing to you about the Environment Bill which is currently passing through Parliament.  I want to encourage you to attend the Bill's upcoming report stage and support strengthening the Bill to ensure it does everything it can to help protect nature and wildlife.

As I hope you know, the Environment Bill is a crucial piece of legislation - it will play a decisive role in helping to tackle the alarming loss of nature and the climate crisis. However, as we are one of the most nature depleted countries in the world, I think the Bill should do more to help nature recover.

I’m supporting The Wildlife Trusts’ call for a legally-binding ‘State of Nature’ target on the face of the Environment Bill to restore nature by 2030. Amendments NC5 and 29 would set a target to reverse nature’s decline within a decade and would be a world first - sending a powerful message ahead of next year’s UN climate and nature talks.

This should be backed up by strengthening Local Nature Recovery Strategies in the Bill through Amendments NC5 and 29 to ensure they have real sway in decision making that affects nature, and ensuring the new Office for Environmental Protection is truly independent. Without this, it will be impossible for us reach 30% of our land in recovery for nature by 2030.

Will you support Amendments NC5 and 29, and speak up for these changes to the Bill when it is next debated in Parliament?

Just as the Climate Change Act spurred action to tackle climate change, I hope that the Environment Bill will kickstart action to protect our environment for future generations. But for the Environment Bill to do the best job it can, MPs like you need to speak up. I urge you to attend the report stage debate on behalf of constituents like me and support this chance to improve the Bill and put nature into recovery.

Thank you for taking the time to stand up for nature.

Best wishes,

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