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We love The Wind in the Willows, and as Mole says, “Spring days – our favourite.”

Yet, sadly, if Kenneth Grahame was writing this classic tale today, his rivers would be depleted, unhealthy shadows of their former selves. He would struggle to paint the same idyllic scene of our landscape without a thunderous motorway slicing through the places where Badger, Toad, Mole and Ratty live. And the damage doesn’t stop there – our seas are fished with destructive gear and face increasing amounts of poorly planned development across huge areas putting creatures like Puffin at risk.

It’s like this because our systems and laws that should be keeping nature healthy are failing – for both wildlife and people. Everything is becoming disconnected.

We need to put nature into recovery and we need to do it now.

The Westminster Government is currently writing the content of an Environment Bill. Once complete, it will set the direction for the natural world and our relationship with it for years to come. If we get it right, the next chapter for our wildlife will tell a tale of recovery and new life.

We won’t have another opportunity like this for many years to come, so it is crucial that we join together now to get the laws the Badger, Toad, Mole and Ratty would want.

Join us in calling for nature to be put into recovery and for our politicians to play their part in making it happen.

We need there to be a legal requirement to produce maps across England, to highlight the network of wild places that must be protected and places where wildlife ought to be able to live, which need restoring. We call these Nature Recovery Network maps. They would allow the Government to invest the right money into the right places and guarantee the right regulations, so that wildlife can recover in this country.

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