Save Askham Bog - Again!

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust's Askham Bog in York is a truly exceptional site for wildlife. Described by Sir David Attenborough as “irreplaceable”, it is loved and valued by the local community as a special place to see wildlife and enjoy nature close to the city. It is designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), which means it is nationally important for nature conservation and part of the cultural heritage of York.

However, this valued nature reserve is under threat.

Barwood Homes has submitted a planning application for:

  • 516 houses
  • a sports pavilion
  • a local centre
  • associated landscaping
  • adjacent roads.

What does this mean for Askham Bog?

Disturbing the water table: In order to accommodate new houses, the water level of the surrounding area has to be lowered. This could be seriously damaging to the incredible wildlife of this precious nature reserve, which is entirely dependent on the local water table and sensitive to any disturbance.

Connectivity: The proposed development site is also the only green space adjacent to Askham Bog. The nature reserve is surrounded on all other sides by main roads, housing and the East Coast railway and forms a vital corridor for wildlife to move in and out of the reserve. We’re concerned that development on this green space would completely isolate already-threatened wildlife populations, and could mean the loss of Askham Bog's wildlife. 

Indirect effects: It is also inevitable that a development of this scale and proximity will lead to increases in both predation by domestic animals and damage from vandalism.

Askham Bog is too precious for this development to go ahead. Please act now to save it!


“If someone was proposing to put a building site next to York Minster there would be an outcry.   This is a treasure that is irreplaceable. The citizens of York are lucky to have it on their doorstep and it is their responsibility to look after it."

Sir David Attenborough

How to take action

We have until Saturday 2nd February to tell City of York Council our views.

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust has previously fought planning applications affecting Askham Bog, as well as the proposals in the Local Plan.

They are asking everyone who cares about nature to stand with them and voice their concern about these destructive plans.

Please join Yorkshire Wildlife Trust and show City of York Council that you are prepared to make a stand for wildlife. Urge them to refuse the planning application. Together we can save Askham Bog

Take action now

Please complete the form to ask City of York Council to refuse the planning application adjacent to Askham Bog. We’ll send an email on your behalf to the Development Management Officer, which you can preview and personalise before it’s sent.

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