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Tell Welsh Government you want a land policy that lets people and wildlife thrive together

A once in a lifetime opportunity to shape the future of Welsh land and reverse the devastating decline in wildlife.

This is a critical time for shaping how we use our land in Wales. Welsh Government has launched a consultation on its proposal for how our land will be managed in the future – and how that management will be funded.

New proposals are centred on Welsh land being used to provide ‘public goods’ for all the people of Wales. Public goods include things like: cleaning up streams and rivers; storing carbon in peat bogs to reduce the impact of climate change; allowing areas of land to flood to stop it reaching homes; and improving access to wild, green places so that we can all feel the benefit of nature. 

We are supportive of these proposals and need your help to show Welsh Government that the people of Wales are supportive too. Without your support there is a risk that some of the proposals to protect wildlife and the environment will be weakened.

Why we need a sustainable land management policy

We are losing farmland wildlife and their habitats at an alarming rate

The current state of nature in Wales isn’t great, but if we act now we can change this. We’ve seen a worrying 56% decline in wildlife over the last 50 years and one of the biggest issues is farming. 

We depend on a healthy environment that’s full of wildlife

Most of our basic needs – air, water, food – rely on a healthy environment and thriving wildlife. We need trees, shrubs and plants to clean the pollution from the air; we need clean streams and rivers to maintain our water supply; and we need healthy soils and thriving populations of pollinators such as bees and butterflies to grow nutritious food. 

Our needs from our land are also changing 

As our climate changes and our population grows we will need to use our land to store and clean more water, reduce flooding in our communities, store carbon, clean our polluted air and more. 
By having a land policy that prioritises looking after the environment and using our natural resources sustainably, we can give nature what it needs to recover and create greener, healthier and happier future for all the people of Wales. 

Replacing the Common Agricultural Policy

The consultation will help shape land management programme that will replace the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). CAP is the current system of support for farmers, but it hasn’t worked for the environment nor for farming. Brexit gives an opportunity replace CAP with a ‘made in Wales’ policy that delivers for our economy, society and the natural environment. 

We believe that the current Welsh CAP budget of £330m should be retained and invested in a new sustainable land management policy. And we believe that the investment should be used to pay farmers and land managers to provide public goods for all the people of Wales. 

Welsh Government are calling this a ’public money for public goods’ policy. In other terms: using taxpayers money to support farmers and land managers to provide people living in Wales with essential goods and services they need to be happy and healthy. 

How you can help

Welsh land matters to us all - join us and call for land policy that meets the needs of people and nature. 

The most important thing you can do before 23 October 2018 is respond to the Welsh Government Brexit and Our Land consultation. We’ve made it simple for you to respond – you can use our standard letter and make it personal to you.

Every response will count so please be a voice for nature and take this rare opportunity to shape the future of our land.

Take action now

Call for land policy that meets the needs of people and nature.

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