Help bring our seas back to life

Our seas need your help.

Overfished, choked with plastic and at risk from the effects of climate change, our marine wildlife has never been under greater pressure than it is today. But there is a way to bring our seas back to life.

Marine Conservation Zones, or MCZs, are a kind of protected area at sea that are proven to benefit our marine wildlife. 50 MCZs have so far been designated in the seas around England, but this isn’t enough; huge gaps remain, leaving many rare and vulnerable species and habitats unprotected. 

We, along with the Government’s own Scientists, believe we need more MCZs.

This Summer, the Government ran a public consultation on a third round of MCZs, with 41 new sites put forward for consideration. Over 22,000 people supported our campaign, calling for all 41 sites to be designated. The consultation has now closed and the Government is considering its decision. 

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