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Nature needs action, not words. Add your name and support our plan to restore nature by 2030.

Politicians in the UK have made many big promises for nature, but the Westminster Government's own advisors agree: they're not doing enough to improve the natural world.

That’s why, ahead of the next General Election, over 100 organisations from across the country have joined forces to create a five policies which will help to restore nature and we are calling on politicians to show their support. We want to see this reflected in all Party manifestos, to put a stop to nature’s decline.

Will you join us? Sign on to our open letter to Party leaders. Ask them to commit to including these five actions into their manifestos:  

πŸ’° A pay rise for nature

Farmers need greater support to help nature and manage over 70% of UK land. We want to see the nature-friendly farming budget doubled.

🏭 Make polluters pay

Big businesses; from water companies to finance, retail to energy all contribute to nature’s decline. Through a Nature Recovery Obligation, we want to see them contribute to nature’s recovery.

🏞️ More space for nature

Just 3% of the land and 8% of English waters are properly protected for nature. If the UK is to meet its nature commitments we need to expand and improve protected areas, and ensure public land and National Parks can contribute more to recovery.

🀝 A National Nature Service

Nature is facing a green jobs crisis and we need lots of helping hands if nature is to recover quickly and at scale. A 'National Nature Service' would create thousands of green jobs as well as a healthier society.

🌳 A right to a healthy environment 

Limited access to nature, and pollution in the air and water, affects everyone’s health. We’re calling for a commitment to an Environmental Rights Bill which would drive better decisions for nature and improve public health.

Read the Nature 2030 proposals in full here.

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Why does nature need this plan? >

Nature in the UK is in trouble. 

The UK is one of the worst countries in the world for nature loss, with over one in seven native species facing extinction and more than 40% of species having declined over the last 50 years.  

The importance of nature continues to be overlooked by decision-makers, with the UK meeting only three out of 10 global targets for nature in 2020. 

Last year, the UK signed an international deal to reverse the decline of wildlife by 2030.

There are just 7 years left to turn this pledge into reality, otherwise we risk the loss of more treasured habitats and wildlife, continued air and water pollution and loss of nature will harm our health and prosperity. For the climate, there is no chance of meeting net-zero carbon emissions without restoring nature.

Nature cannot wait any longer! We need ambitious policies to help wildlife recover, before it's too late.  

Demand change! Add your name to our letter to Party leaders demanding action.

Do any Governments or political parties have an ambitious plan to recover nature? >

Political parties have yet set out the ambitious action needed to put the UK’s nature on the path to recovery, despite the environment being a key issues for many voters.  This is why we have come together to set out what needs to happen. 
As the impacts of the nature and climate crises worsen, it is clear that any incoming government will be increasingly judged on their environmental record - and expectations from voters remain high. 

Why is 2030 so important? >

2030 is an incredibly important date for the natural world. In 2020 the UK committed to a global agreement to restore 30% of land and seas and halt the loss of nature by 2030.

In England, the Westminster Government backed up that promise by creating a legal duty to stop the decline of species by the end of the next Parliament. 

But time is running out. There is a real risk those targets will be missed. Only 3% of England’s land and 8% of England’s seas are protected and managed for nature so far. 

Without real commitments to restoring and investing in a healthy and safe environment, everything could be put at risk. 

Who came up with this plan? >

Our Nature 2030 plan was developed by Wildlife and Countryside Link members, the UK’s largest environmental and nature coalition, bringing together over 100 organisations committed to securing a future for nature in the UK. 

You can find out more about Link members here.

Is Nature 2030 a UK-wide campaign? >

The Nature 2030 asks are directed at the UK Government, but we know that many of the policies we’ve set out will be the responsibility of the Westminster government and devolved governments in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.  

We want to see the UK Government to commit to delivering our policies in England and work closely with the devolved Governments to secure nature’s recovery across the UK.  

Tell me more: how will these commitments help nature? >

At the next election, nature needs us to be its voice – and we need to be loud. By including these five policies in their election manifestos, political leaders can put nature and the climate on a path to recovery by 2030.

πŸ’° A pay rise for nature

Farmers have a massive role to play in helping to restore nature. Over 70% of land in England is farmed and those landscapes have the potential to be havens for plant and animal life whilst providing us with the food we need.

We need political parties to commit to doubling the nature-friendly farming budget - creating a £6 billion annual fund to support a green revolution for farming and land management. More funding will help to remove the pressure to manage land so intensively and encourage investment in sustainable farming and solutions to climate change.

🏭 Make polluters pay 

Many big parts of the UK’s economy, including finance, infrastructure, water, energy and food, all contribute to nature’s decline. Despite this, Governments are failing to make some of our biggest polluters pay, whilst leaving the public to pick up the tab for the damage.

We need to see Government make sure that big businesses have a legal requirement to pay for the harm they do to nature and set legal goals for natural creation and restoration based on a company’s environmental footprint. By making sure that big business plays its part in responding to the ecological emergency, we can deliver projects which support nature’s recovery at a national level. 

 πŸžοΈ More space for nature

We often think of our national parks and protected areas as havens for nature. But the reality is quite different, with many of these places being in poor condition.

Political parties must commit to reforming our national parks and protected areas and make it easier for more public land to be managed in a way which protects nature, enhances the environment and provides good greenspaces for people.  

🀝 A National Nature Service 

If the UK wants to protect 30% of land and sea by 2030 and to support nature then we need to see investment in people to deliver that change. Right now however, government investment in jobs in nature recovery, restoration and landscape management is falling short.  

A 'National Nature Service' would create opportunities for thousands of people across the UK, including marginalised groups, to receive practical skills, training and a fair wage whilst supporting nature’s recovery. 

🌳 A right to a healthy environment 

Our health is shaped by the world around us; from good-quality homes, to stable jobs, social connections, and neighbourhoods with green space and clean air and water. The nature crisis threatens everyone's health and is cutting lives short, especially for the most economically disadvantaged.  

We want to see all Parties support the introduction of a new 'Environmental Rights' Act, creating a right to a clean and healthy environment, see nature become part of the decision-making process and empower members of the public to challenge those who threaten those rights.