Nature is under attack from plans by the UK Government to bulldoze thousands of laws that protect our environment. Tell your MP that you need them to defend nature NOW.

A new Bill, officially called the Retained EU Law (REUL) Bill, threatens to wipe away thousands of crucial laws which protect wildlife by the end of the year. This will lead to even more pollution poisoning rivers, more wild places at risk of being damaged – and potentially destroyed – and more wildlife threatened with extinction.

This is an attack on nature. We are urging the Government to bin the Bill – before it’s too late.

This could have catastrophic impacts on the natural world, and it also:

📣 Ignores the 2019 manifesto that the UK Government were voted in on, that said the UK would have 'the most ambitious environmental programme of any country on earth'

🐝 Undermines the UK Government’s legally binding commitment to halt species decline by 2030, set out in the Environment Act in England in November

🌳 Ignores the Global Biodiversity Framework signed at COP15 in December, which committed the UK to a range of biodiversity targets, including a pledge to protect 30% of land and sea for nature by 2030

Using this simple form it’s time to tweet your MP, asking them to say #DefendNature in Parliament and - specifically - to call on the UK Government to withdraw the Retained EU Law Bill, which puts so many of our existing nature rules in jeopardy. 

Let’s make sure our voices are heard!

If you don’t use Twitter you can still get in touch with your MP and play a role in this campaign. Here's how 

Tweet your MP

Ask your MP to call on the Government to #DefendNature. Find your MP using our form and personalise your tweet on the next page.