Welsh Gov & Natural Resources Wales: Save the River Wye 

Rivers across the UK are in poor condition and are facing a growing number of threats including developments, pollution and climate change. With some experts estimating that there are just two years left to save the River Wye, this river especially needs our help.

The devastating problems facing the River Wye are becoming widely recognised, thanks to the incredible efforts of local communities, campaigners and environmental charities. Now we need action! 

It is critical that Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales use their powers to make the urgent changes needed to save the river and its wildlife.

We want Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales to publicly acknowledge that agriculture is the main source of pollution and commit funding and resources towards a new joint action plan.

Join us in asking them to:
πŸ” Issue a statement acknowledging that Intensive Poultry Units have a significant link to agricultural pollution in the River Wye.
🎯 Create a detailed action plan to work with all parties, including UK Government and the Third Sector, across the Wye catchment (England and Wales) to address all pollution on the river and set defined targets.
🐟 Commit to actioning a water protection zone across the whole catchment.

The Wye flows through England and Wales, and action taken on either side of the border will be undermined if everyone does not play their part.

Whether you live in or outside of Wales, you can help. 

Ask Welsh Ministers and Natural Resources Wales to take urgent action to protect the River Wye using our simple form.

Why is the River Wye in such poor condition? >

Intensive livestock practices on land around the River Wye are causing excessive amounts of manure to run-off into the river water. This leads to a loss of oxygen in the water, killing the plants, fish and wildlife that call the River Wye home. 

What evidence is there that agriculture is the main source polluting the River Wye? >

The significant problems on the River Wye have been highlighted by the latest evidence submitted to the House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee by Lancaster University’s RePhoKUs project. RePhoKus aims to achieve sustainable management of phosphorous, which is critical to the UK’s long-term food and water security. Phosphorus is a key nutrient required for crop and livestock production. The global reserves, which are found in only a few countries, are becoming depleted.

The key message of the report is that agriculture is the sector responsible for most river pollution, and there is more livestock manure in the catchment than the land can absorb.

Read the report here or visit the website.

We're not alone in calling for action >

We are not alone in calling for a plan to save the Wye, a water protection zone and a new governance mechanism for funding and delivering the nutrient management plan. We are joined by a range of other voices, from fellow campaigners such as River Action, to local authorities such as Herefordshire Council. Change comes from different groups calling for the same actions, in their own voice. That’s why we need you to add your voice. Whether you live in England or Wales, we need people to contact Welsh Government and Natural Resources Wales, so they understand how important implementing this action is.