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The campaign for a Nature and Wellbeing Act

 people emailed their MP 

This e-action closed on 30 March, ahead of the 2015 General Election 

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Thank you very much to everyone who has emailed their MP calling on them to Act for Nature and support a Nature and Wellbeing Act. More than 9,000 of you have taken action, and together you’ve reached almost every MP in England, as well as most in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland too.

Our Parliament sat for the last time in its current form on 30th March and the 2015 Election campaign has now launched. We have closed our online action as officially constituencies do not have an MP again until they are elected on 7th May.

We expect each Party’s manifesto to be published in the next couple of weeks, and we’ll then see what we’ve achieved so far. We’ve certainly heard some encouraging noises on several aspects of our Nature and Wellbeing proposals from various Parties. Our proposals for an Act would put nature at the heart of how decisions are made about health, housing and other development, education, economic growth, flood resilience and every community. Local and national ‘ecological networks’ would be mapped out and created to put wildlife habitats back into the landscape. And time outdoors would be part of school life.

You can read more on our proposals for a Nature and Wellbeing Act here.

We think it’s time for a ‘Big Ask’ for nature, do you?

How you can help

Our Act for Nature campaign doesn’t stop there. Your local candidates will be knocking on your door to persuade you to vote for them – don’t forget to ask them what they’ll do for nature and to tell them why nature matters to you! We’ll continue to do the same.

Find out about our two big asks for all parties:
1) A Nature and Wellbeing Act 
2) More Marine Protected Areas

This e-action is now closed

Please complete the form below to find your MP's contact details, and view a template message for them. The details you enter will also be used to personalise the signature at the bottom of your message.


Creating change for people and wildlife

Nature and wellbeing act

The Act for Nature campaign is led by The Wildlife Trusts and the RSPB, working together as part of a movement of people and organisations calling on all political parties to commit to bringing forward a Nature and Wellbeing Act in the next Government.



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