Our wildlife is at risk

Speak up for environmental protection after Brexit

Consultation deadline: 2nd August 

From protecting endangered wildlife and habitats, to putting a halt to raw sewage emptying into our seas, EU laws have helped to defend the UK's wildlife and environment for over thirty years.

With under a year to go until Brexit, this is a pivotal moment for the environment and the laws that help protect it.

This summer the Government are consulting on two crucial parts of environmental protections after Brexit in England:

  1. a new green ‘watchdog’ (an independent regulatory organisation within Government) to enforce our environmental protections after Brexit 
  2. how to keep a set of vital guiding principles on environment protection like the ‘polluter pays’ principle, currently set in EU law

Environment Secretary Michael Gove and Prime Minister Theresa May have promised a “world-leading” watchdog that will deliver a “green Brexit”.  But their current proposals are far too weak and will mean our environment is less protected in the future unless significant changes are made to the proposals.

Please write to Michael Gove and ask him to tell the Government that the proposals need to be stronger. 

We need a powerful watchdog that can take the Government to court when it breaks environmental rules and to issue fines where necessary. We need environmental principles (such as ensuring the polluters pay for damage to the environment) clearly set out in law, which all public authorities then have to comply with.

If the Government is to keep its promise of a “green Brexit”, it must also bring forward new environmental legislation that sets us on the path to nature’s recovery.

We believe that everyone deserves to live in a healthy, wildlife-rich natural world and experience the joy of wildlife every day. We can’t stand by as our soils are depleted and once familiar animals and plants disappear from our gardens and countryside. 

Our wildlife is sadly declining and now is a key moment to tell the Government that this should change.

We’re also calling for the Government to introduce a more ambitious Environment Act, which not only guarantees a powerful green watchdog and strong environmental principles, but also sets the country on the way to recovering our lost wildlife.

Write to Michael Gove today and ask him to tell the Government it’s proposals need to be stronger - the consultation deadline is 2nd August. 

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