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Seahorse at proposed Studland MCZ


Fragile Ross Worm reefs in proposed Lincs Belt MCZ

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Help us get a network of protected areas in English seas – places where wildlife and habitats are safe and where fish stocks can recover. Become a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones.

Become a Friend of Marine Conservation Zones

The UK’s seas are home to half our wildlife but many undersea habitats have already been lost, fish stocks have declined and species are at risk. In order to protect our seas, the UK Government are designating a network of Marine Conservation Zones around the English coast – areas of seabed where marine wildlife and habitats are protected. These, alongside other protected areas, can help give our seas the protection they need to recover and thrive. The Government has already designated 50 sites over 2 phases (2013 and 2016) and has committed to designating a third tranche of sites by 2018. We will be working hard to ensure this third and final tranche of sites is ambitious enough to give our seas the protection they deserve. But we need your help. Please join our growing team of ‘Friends of Marine Conservation Zones’ and help to ensure all these precious places get the protection they need. Become a Friend of MCZs and

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- Support our national and local work to help save marine habitats and wildlife

- Some Wildlife Trusts send additional details on local Marine Conservation Zones to Friends


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